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City Living: Clinton Hill is the Brooklyn hotspot for millennials

With cheaper rents than neighborhoods closer to Manhattan, but still a young, artistic vibe, Clinton Hill is a magnet for millennials and young families.

Already full of students from the Pratt Institute and St. Josephs College, Clinton Hill is drawing in young professionals seeking a real neighborhood with easy access to Manhattan and plenty of entertainment.

Its convenient, said Ben Temple, 24, who moved into the neighborhood eight months ago and has a 30-minute commute to his West Village job. Theres a lot of stuff to do and its really pretty.

In the early 20th century, Clinton Hill attracted a lot of wealthy residents who built mansions along Clinton Avenue, but it soon became a middle-class area and apartment buildings were built throughout the neighborhood.

Its historic district, which stretches from Willoughby Avenue down to Fulton Street between Vanderbilt Avenue to Grand Avenue, preserves many of the buildings from different periods in its history, creating a lot of diversity in architectural style.

Located between Fort Greene and Bed Stuy, the neighborhood is now the polar opposite of the wealthy suburb it once was today it reflects the bustling city it sits in.

Compared to Park Slope, which is a little older and a little more family-oriented, Clinton Hill is younger and more artsy, Temple explained.

With lots of restaurants, bars and coffee shops in the neighborhood, and the Barclays Center looming nearby, entertainment and nightlife are popping around here. Meanwhile, its close proximity to Fort Greene Park offers a serene escape from the concrete and asphalt.

Clinton Hill is definitely a vibrant, dynamic neighborhood, said Keith Frazier, owner of Fraziers Realty on Fulton Street.

Clinton Hills location makes it convenient, yet affordable. With the G and C trains, the commute to Manhattan is less than 30-minutes and other lively Brooklyn districts also surround it.

Rent is a little steeper here than in areas further from Manhattan, but its still typically cheaper than in Fort Greene or Downtown Brooklyn. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Clinton Hill is $2,450 per month, compared to $2,700 in Fort Greene and $3,090 in Downtown Brooklyn, according to data from the real estate site Curbed. One-bedroom homes for sale in Clinton Hill, mostly condos and co-ops, average between $400,000 and $500,000, Frazier said.

Clinton Hill also has a lot of apartments available because you have a lot of transient lifestyles as far as students are concerned and people coming from other countries, Frazier said. So you have a lot of nice turnover inventory in the neighborhood.

Despite having a younger population, Clinton Hill still feels like a real community.

Clinton Hill is a neighborhood, Frazier said. It has a neighborhood feel.