Giants Kadarius Toney on hamstring issues: ‘When you go hard stuff happens’

Giants Kadarius Toney
Photo Credit: Nick Faria

Despite a season filled with injury setbacks and play that had fallen well short of what Giants wide receiver Kadarius Toney had imagined for himself, he told reporters that he was getting better and that there was no frustration on his end. Despite that, the Giants’ second-year wideout was terse with reporters during a roughly six-minute exchange following Thursday’s practice, which he didn’t participate in. 

Toney has been dealing with a hamstring issue and isn’t expected to play this weekend when the Giants travel to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars. 

“I feel pretty good, getting better day by day,” Toney said. “Ready to be out there when I can.”

The Giants receiver has appeared in just two games for Big Blue this season and has a pair of catches for no yards. It marks the second year that Toney has dealt with a health setback that minimized his availability on the field.

Toney had originally injured his right hamstring during training camp and then re-injured it during Week 2 against the Carolina Panthers. Now he’s had an issue with the hamstring in his left leg that occurred two weeks back, according to the receiver. 

When asked why the issues keep persisting, Toney pointed to his play on the field. “When you go hard stuff happens,” he said. 

The Giants have said that they don’t have any plans to place Toney on injured reserve. 

The Giants receiving corp has been hit hard this season with injuries that have limited the targets that quarterback Daniel Jones has had over the first six weeks of the NFL calendar. Toney did admit that he may have returned from his prior injury too fast and that led to what he has been dealing with now. 

Toney said that there wasn’t a date that he was targeting to get back on the field and that it would be based on how he felt. The 23-year-old said “I’m cool, I’m good” when a reporter asked if he had been sprinting full speed yet or had been cutting. 

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However, he wouldn’t say exactly how healthy his body was. Still, there didn’t seem to be any doubt in Toney’s mind that he would be able to get back to where he needed to be when he does return.

“I mean when I step back out there I feel like I’m going to be who I originally was,” Toney said. “At the end of the day me doing this right now. Me getting my body right, that’s really not going to take from who I am, what I do. This and that. I don’t really know. In other words, I’m good.”