Escape rooms NYC: Find your way in (and out) of these challenging games

Being locked inside a room where you must solve a puzzle in order to escape sounds like a scene out of the “Saw” horror film franchise, but many people are willingly signing up to do this and find the experience can be quite fun.

Escape rooms have gotten to be such a popular pastime in recent years that there’s more than a dozen companies to pick your next adventure from, including the newest at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in Times Square (234 West 42nd St.).

Dubbed “Ripley’s Relic,” a group is led into a wobbly elevator to seek out a mysterious relic that was discovered deep under Times Square. Through a series of puzzles and some prodding by a live guide when it’s needed, the relic seekers must find their way out of the movie-set-like cavern.

Unlike a lot of rooms, Ripley’s Relic run-through is 15 minutes long and has a guide, which helps out the youngsters or those who are new to escape rooms, so it’s good for any age or skill set. The cost is only $15, too, if you’re looking for something fun for cheap.

But if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, here’s a quick guide locating some of these spots around the city. (As for finding your way out of these rooms, you’re on your own.)