Midtown drinkers and dive bar lovers, it's time to start thanking your lucky stars. Smith's Bar is coming back to life!

What may seem like a surprising twist -- the father of actress Hayden Panettiere is the one resuciating the classic bar -- is actually not all that shocking. Skip Panettiere is a retired NYC firefighter, and the bar is known to be a hangout for city employees.

Smith's will open again in March, according to DNAinfo, and will remain similar to the original.

"Why don't we just keep it the same," he said to DNAinfo, "so everything in New York doesn't get ruined."

Here, here! That's one point for the people of NYC.

And for all you "Nashville" fans, here's some good news: the elder Panettiere said Hayden, aka Juliette Barnes, will occasionally be stopping by to sing a few songs.

"Don't put dirt on my grave just yet," Barnes sang last season.

Smith's Bar obviously felt similar.