How to bet Super Bowl 57: Opening odds, types of bets, more

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Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes are potential Super Bowl MVP candidates
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) and tight end Travis Kelce (87) celebrate during the first half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks Saturday, Dec. 24, 2022, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

The NFL Playoffs are now down to two teams as we begin our final march toward Super Bowl 57.

This year’s game features two of the leading MVP candidates in quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes and is the first time in five years that two #1 seeds will go head-to-head for the title. Each of these teams has won a Super Bowl in the last five years, and this game has the added intrigue of first-time Super Bowl head coach Nick Sirianni of the Eagles coaching against the Chiefs’Andy Reid, who is also the Eagles’ franchise leader in coaching wins. 

The “Big Game” seems to get bigger every year as last year’s game topped the 100-million viewer mark for the first time. Super Bowl Sunday is the country’s biggest day in sports and on TV, so it only follows that it’s also the biggest day in sports betting as well. 

Even though there will just be one game on Super Bowl Sunday, the betting options are seemingly endless. They range anywhere from betting on the simple point spread and total to the most random prop bets that have nothing to do with the result of the game. In this article, we’ll walk you through all of the different types of bets you can make leading up to the Big Game. 


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All types of bets and up-to-date odds can be found at DraftKings Sportsbook at the link here

Super Bowl 57 Betting Odds

For new bettors, the plus/minus numbers here are the betting odds. These odds are in terms of 100 and each one will always have a plus or minus. The +110 on Kansas City above means you’ll win $110 if you place a $100 bet and the Chiefs win. The -130 for Philadelphia means you’ll need to bet $130 to get a $100 payout if the Eagles win.

Obviously, the plus-odds will pay out better but that’s because they are less likely to occur, according to the Sportsbooks. Even though minus-odds bets are more likely to occur, betting on something with a large minus-odd is often not worth it because you have to wager so much money in order to see a profit. Our recommendation is to not bet on something with odds higher than -150 (so -180 for example) because the amount you need to wager to see a profit becomes too high to make it a value. 

Types of Super Bowl Bets

Game Odds and Spreads

These are the simplest bets to understand and place. All of these bets are determined by the outcome of the game. You can choose to bet on which team will win, by how much, or how many points the teams will combine to score. There are ways to get creative, but the framework of the bet will always remain simple. 

Moneyline: This just means which team will win the game. You’ll see each team be given different odds to win, based on who is favored, but we’ll address that at the bottom of the article. 

Spread: The spread is betting on how much a team will win by. The Eagles are currently -2, which means they would need to win by MORE than two points for you to win your bet. If they win by exactly two, it’s called a “Push” and you get your bet back. If you bet on Kansas City +2, then you would win if Kansas City wins the game or loses by less than two points. 

Total: You’re simply betting on the total number of points scored in the Super Bowl. Even if the game goes to overtime, that will count toward the total. 

Alternate Spreads and Total: Most sportsbooks will also allow you to alter the spread or total on your own. For example, if you think Philadelphia will win by a touchdown, but the spread is just -2, you can place a bet on Philadelphia -6 and you will get much larger odds (again, more on that later), which means you can receive a bigger payout. Similarly, if you think the game will be much higher or lower scoring than the sportsbook odds, you can bet on your own total for potentially more profitable odds. 


Halftime or Quarter Bets

If you don’t want to wait until the end of the Super Bowl to see if you won your bets or not, you can also bet on moneyline, spread, or totals for each quarter, like below:

DraftKings Super Bowl betting screenshot

Additionally, you can bet on how many total touchdowns will be scored in a quarter or half, how much a specific team will “win” a quarter by, whether or not each team will score in a given quarter, and many other types of bets. 


Game Props

Similar to above, you can bet on game props, which are bets on things that will occur in the game, such as the first team to score or whether the final score will be odd or even. You can bet on simple things like “Will the game go to overtime?” or more complicated outcomes like the exact final score or how many rushing touchdowns will be scored, etc. 


Player Props

One of the most popular ways to bet on games is on player props, which are bets on outcomes for specific players during the game. This can take a few forms. 

Yardage Props: Yardage props are bets on whether a player will gain a set number of yards or not. These will be split up between passing yards, receiving yards, and rushing yards so that you can bet on any skill position player on the field. 

Touchdown Props: Touchdown props are, quite literally, bets on who will score touchdowns or when. You can bet on somebody to score the first or last touchdown of the game, or bet on a player as an Anytime Touchdown scorer, which means a bet that they score at any point in the game. 

Head-to-Head Player Props: Head-to-head player props are a fun way to bet on players you think will be more successful than their counterparts. You can bet on which running back will run for more yards, which kicker will make more field goals, or which quarterback will throw for more yards. Much, like the simple game bets, you can bet on this as a moneyline bet, just who will throw for more yards, as a spread, or bet on the total number of yards thrown by both quarterbacks, as shown below.


Same Game Parlay

Another increasingly popular bet, a Same Game Parlay is a bet that consists of two or more wagers from the same game which are related “in a way that the likelihood of one of the wagers/legs winning is increased or decreased by the outcome of the other leg(s).” Bettors can use these parlays to connect together multiple props from the same game in order to increase the size of the payout. Although, that’s also because the chances of hitting a Same Game Parlay are harder. 

A sample Super Bowl same game parlay favoring the Chiefs can be seen here:

Exotic Prop Bets

A final popular way to bet on the Super Bowl is something that is commonly referred to as Exotic Prop Bets, which are bets on things that have nothing to do with the game. Things like “Will Any Word Be Forgotten In The National Anthem?” or “What Color Gatorade Will Be Dumped on the Winning Coach?” or “How Many Times Will Chains Be Used For Measurements?”

While these bets are fun, they can often be harder to find if you want to place a bet, especially as you get more humorous with the type of bet. 

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