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Female-driven novels to pick up during Women’s History Month

When you’ve finished your morning paper, pick up one of these books to join in on New York City’s largest unofficial reading group: The Subway Book Club. This month, shelve books by (and about) men and pick up a strongly female-driven title instead. In honor of Women’s History Month, check out these new books by women — and about women — to help entertain and inspire you during your commute. And don’t be shy about making awkward eye contact with a fellow straphanger reading the same title — that’s what this book club is all about! 

‘The Perfect Nanny’ by Leila Slimani

Leila Slimani, author of "The Perfect Nanny"
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Penguin Books

This French bestseller, which won France’s most prestigious literary prize, the Prix Goncourt, is now available in English. The novel delves into the suspenseful tale of a nanny who murders the two young children for whom she once cared.

‘Feel Free’ by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith, author of "Feel Free"
Photo Credit: Dominique Nabokov / Penguin Press

Fans of the British author may already be familiar with some of the pieces in this nearly 500-page collection of essays, but Smith’s profound musings on society, politics, pop culture and literature all in one curated collection are all worth (re)-reading. 

‘The Great Alone’ by Kristin Hannah

Kristin Hannah, author of "The Great Alone"
Photo Credit: Charles Busch / Holtzbrinck Publishers

Fans of the ever-growing genre of Alaska survival shows like Discovery’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier” can skip the outdoor-themed binge watching and dive into this novel about a teenage girl coming of age in 1970s Alaska. 

‘Back Talk’ by Danielle Lazarin

Danielle Lazarin, author of "Back Talk"
Photo Credit: Sylvie Rosokoff / Penguin Books

This collection of short stories by the New York author covers everything from growing up as a teenager in the city to areal estate to a trip to Paris that defies the traditional narrative of falling in love with the City of Lights. 

‘Bachelor Girl’ by Kim van Alkemade

Kim van Alkemade, the author of "Bachelor Girl"
Photo Credit: Derek Feldman / Touchstone

Before Beyoncé belted out the single lady anthem and Carrie Bradshaw made it cool to drink a Cosmo solo, “bachelor girls” ruled New York’s unmarried social scene. This Jazz Age-set novel is inspired by the true story of Jacob Ruppert, the owner of the New York Yankees, and his relationship with an obscure actress at the time, Helen Winthrope Weyant.


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