Jackson Heights is home to most of the city’s momos — those are Tibetan dumplings — and this weekend you can taste them all for $1 each as part of the annual Momo Crawl.

More than 20 restaurants and shops sell momos in Jackson Heights, and all of them will be participating in this year’s crawl, according to the event’s Facebook page. For $5, you’ll be able to buy a “Momo Map” that will serve as your guide to finding the restaurants, carts and trucks that will be selling beef, chicken and veggie versions of these Himalayan dumplings.

But you won’t just be able to eat momos. Fans of the food can get free momo hairstyles from Sangay Salon, and free henna tattoos of momos from SamArt — Contour. If you’re really committed, Mohan's Tattoo Inn is offering up free momo tattoos, according to the event page.

At 5 p.m., there will be a vote on the best momo — perhaps just as contentious and certainly more delicious than Tuesday’s election.

Diversity Plaza is at 37th Road and 73rd Street in Jackson Heights.