Best CBD for Sleep in 2022 – Top 5 Insomnia & Stress Relieving Options


Sleep allows your body and mind to recharge. Yet so many people struggle to fall asleep, and many others struggle to sleep soundly through the night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, CBD is a good remedy to try. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp. It won’t make you feel high, but the best CBD for sleep does make you feel relaxed and peaceful so you can fall asleep comfortably.

CBD products come in many forms, from liquid CBD oil to CBD gummies. Choosing the best CBD for sleep is not always easy since the CBD market is so vast. Luckily, we took the first step for you. We reviewed and ranked countless CBD oil for sleep products and compiled this list of the top 5 CBD for sleep options. 

Our Top 5 CBD Choices for Sleep

  1. Best Overall: CBDfx Night Capsules
  2. Good for Insomnia: CBDistillery Sleep Synergy
  3. Great for Bad Dreams: Batch Dream CBD Oil Tincture
  4. For Daytime Sleepers: Green Roads Sweet Sleep Oil
  5. Stress Relief Hero: Sunday Scaries CBD Sleep Oil

Best CBD for Sleep – In Depth Reviews

While most CBD products will take the edge off stress and encourage relaxation, some are made specifically for sleep. CBD products made for sleep often contain higher levels of relaxing terpenes, additional cannabinoids like CBN, and sometimes additional herbs for relaxation. There are a lot of great products out there, but we believe the following brands offer the absolute best CBD for sleep.

1. Best Overall: CBDfx Night Capsules


CBDfx is our pick for overall best CBD for sleep because the brand offers such a range of effective sleep products. We especially loved their CBD Oil Sleep Tincture. Formulated with CBN and melatonin for enhanced relaxation, it comes in 1000, 2000, and 4000 mg strengths. It’s also vegan and gluten-free, which makes it suitable for a range of customers. The broad-spectrum CBD formula is rich in terpenes for true relaxation.

Another top CBDfx product is their Sleep Gummies with Melatonin. Each CBD oil-infused gummy contains an ample 50 mg broad-spectrum CBD plus 5 mg melatonin. The gummies also contain passion flower, chamomile, and lemon balm — three herbs that promote healthy sleep. Customers love the flavor of these gummies. Most say they fall asleep easily after taking them and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

Last but not least, we recommend CBDfx Night Capsules. Buyers love being able to swallow these capsules with a glass of water because there’s no hemp or sugary aftertaste. Each capsule contains 30 mg broad-spectrum CBD, 2.5 mg CBN, and plenty of valerian root and magnesium.


  • Lab-verified potencies
  • Made with beneficial herbs, cannabinoids, and terpenes
  • Vegan and gluten-free products
  • Medically reviewed
  • Backed by a 60-day guarantee


  • Products with melatonin may be too strong for some customers, but they do offer a melatonin-free product with their Night Capsules

About the Company:

CBDfx makes it their mission to deliver the purest, most effective CBD products possible. The company was founded in 2014, making them one of the oldest CBD companies in the country. They rely on lab testing and medical reviews to ensure the quality of their products, and they always adhere to cGMP standards in production. While CBD oils form the bulk of their sales, they are always innovating and adding new CBD products to their lineup. 

Learn more at CBDfx.com

2. Good for Insomnia: CBDistillery Sleep Synergy


If you suffer from true insomnia or other sleep disorders, we recommend trying CBDistillery Sleep Synergy. This CBD oil tincture contains 450 mg CBD plus 150 mg CBN per bottle. Combining CBD and CBN in this 3:1 ratio has been shown to yield very relaxing results.

CBDistillery Sleep Synergy is made with quality, non-GMO CBD hemp oil. It’s third-party lab tested for purity and potency, and it comes in a convenient dropper bottle. CBDistillery recommends placing the oil beneath your tongue for the fastest results. 

Buyers say this tincture works more effectively than standard CBD oils. Customers with insomnia, who have struggled to sleep night after night, finally get a good night’s rest after a dose of Sleep Synergy.


  • Powerful 3:1 ratio of CBD to CBN
  • Made with non-GMO hemp
  • Contains natural terpenes for enhanced effects
  • US Hemp Authority Certified
  • Lab-tested for purity and potency


  • Strong hemp flavor

About the Company:

CBDistillery believes in honest labeling and putting customers’ needs first. All of their product labels are detailed and informative. The company was founded in Colorado in 2016, and since then, they’ve sold CBD oil-based products to more than 2 million satisfied customers. CBDistillery follows FDA guidelines and is certified by the US Hemp Authority. 

Learn more at TheCBDistillery.com

3. Best for Bad Dreams: Batch Dream CBD Oil Tincture


Bad dreams, restless sleep, tossing and turning — none of these make for a restful night’s sleep. If you’re in this boat, we recommend trying Batch Dream CBD Oil Tincture. Formulated to promote better sleep quality, this CBD oil for sleep contains three relaxing terpenes: terpinolene, myrcene, and linalool. It comes in 1000 mg and 3000 mg formulas, so you can choose your preferred potency. Many customers prefer the stronger, 3000 mg formula since they only have to take a few drops.

Batch Dream CBD Oil is made with Wisconsin-grown, non-GMO hemp. It has a mild hemp flavor with hints of peppermint, which most reviewers find pleasant. The base carrier oil is hemp seed oil, which is mild and neutral. We appreciated the large numbers of positive reviews from customers with sleep disorders, but also many from customers who have occasional insomnia due to stress. This is one of the best CBD oils for sleep due to its high level of purity and potency.


  • Two strengths: 1000 mg and 3000 mg
  • Formulated with relaxing terpenes
  • Light, peppermint flavor
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Made with non-GMO, Wisconsin-grown hemp


  • Must close bottle carefully to prevent leaks

About the Company:

Batch is a Wisconsin-based company founded on three pillars: transparency, authenticity, and effectiveness. They make all of their CBD products under one roof, overseeing the process from start to finish. Batch relies on science to formulate and test their products, and they even offer tours of their labs to interested customers.

Learn more at HelloBatch.com

4. Best for Daytime Sleepers: Green Roads Sweet Sleep Oil


If you work at night, falling asleep during the daytime is not always easy. We recommend daytime sleepers and shift workers try Green Roads CBD sleep products. Their Sweet Sleep CBD Oil is formulated with melatonin, which will help regulate your biological clock. The berry flavor of this broad-spectrum CBD oil is pleasant and enjoyable.

Green Roads Sleepy Zs Gummies are another good choice for daytime sleepers. Each gummy contains 25 mg broad-spectrum CBD and CBN, plus 5 mg melatonin. The gummies are formulated by pharmacists to provide the perfect balance of cannabinoids for restful, rejuvenating sleep.

If you prefer to swallow a capsule, we recommend Green Roads Sleep Capsules. Each capsule contains 5 mg melatonin plus 25 mg CBD. The capsules are vegan, gluten-free, and soy free, and they’re made with CBD isolate.


  • Good selection of oils, gummies, and capsules for sleep
  • Pharmacist-formulated products
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Tested in an independent lab


  • Most products only come in one strength

About the Company:

Green Roads is a top name in the CBD industry, and for good reason. They develop CBD products that target specific problems, from insomnia to arthritis. Their formulation processes are overseen by pharmacists, and they are very particular when sourcing their CBD hemp oil and other ingredients. Green Roads maintains an FDA-registered facility. 

Learn more at GreenRoads.com

5. Best for Stress Relief: Sunday Scaries CBD Sleep Oil


Does the stress of the day keep you from falling asleep at night? Give Sunday Scaries Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil a try. This CBD oil for sleep was developed specifically for people who struggle to fall asleep due to stress, anxiety, and worrying. Each bottle contains 750 mg CBD and 150 mg CBN. The formula also contains valerian root, lemon balm, chamomile, and L-theanine — each one of which is a potent natural sleep aid.

Sunday Scaries Big Spoon CBD oil has a pleasant, vanilla cream flavor that is very reminiscent of ice cream. Some users take this oil every night, and others save it for nights when they’re feeling particularly anxious. The company recommends taking 1/2 dropper, but some people only need 1/4 dropper for relief. 


  • Delicious vanilla cream flavor
  • Potent, 1000 mg formula
  • Formulated with sleep-enhancing herbs
  • Backed by a 100% money back guarantee
  • USDA Organic


  • Only one strength available

About the Company:

Sunday Scaries was founded to create products that help people relax and fight off the “Sunday Scaries” — the anxiety some feel on Sunday before the upcoming workday. Their products feature fun, colorful labels, but they are serious about the quality of their CBD oil-based products. Sunday Scaries is Kosher Certified, USDA Organic, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Certified. They lab-test all of their products, and their customer service team is responsive and helpful. 

Learn more at SundayScaries.com

How Did We Select Our Top CBD Sleep Oil Options?

CBD is an excellent remedy for sleep, and there are likely other brands that offer good-quality CBD sleep products. However, our task was to pick out the five very best brands, so we had to go about it systematically. 

We started by creating a checklist. Companies had to have these qualifications to make it past our first round of evaluations:

  • Transparent labels
  • Third-party testing processes
  • Careful, thoughtful sourcing of hemp and hemp oil
  • Responsive customer service

Surprisingly, this first step narrowed down our field of contenders significantly. We were then able to try all of the CBD products in our second round. As we did so, we paid attention to the effectiveness of the CBD. Did it truly help us fall asleep sooner? How many times did we wake up in the middle of the night? How did we feel the next day? We took notes so we could go back and compare various products and brands. We sampled pure CBD products, but also plenty of broad and full-spectrum CBD products.

We also read reviews from other customers. We sought out reviews written by those with a variety of sleep concerns. Some customers, for example, had been diagnosed with insomnia. We compared their reviews of the product to reviews that came from customers with evening stress or occasional anxiety. We didn’t just want to know whether the CBD product worked; we wanted to know who it worked for.

Since these are all CBD sleep products, we did favor companies whose formulas contained additional herbs and remedies for improving sleep quality. These ingredients, which ranged from CBN to chamomile, give customers more bang for their buck.

Finally, we considered a few other traits that set the best CBD companies apart. Companies that take the time to earn a Cruelty-Free or USDA Organic certification show their true dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. We also favored companies that use eco-friendly practices in growing their hemp, extracting the CBD, and shipping the final product.

It was a close race, but in the end, the companies above emerged as obvious front-runners. Selecting the winner in our Best Overall category was easy. Then, we relied on reviews and our own experiences to rank our other top CBD oil for sleep choices. We’re confident that products from these top CBD brands will help you sleep — safely and effectively.

Effectiveness of CBD for Sleep

If you struggle with sleep, you are not alone. Approximately 70 million people in the U.S. alone struggle with a sleep disorder such as insomnia or restless legs syndrome. Many others don’t get adequate sleep due to stress, anxiety, chronic pain or poor sleep routines. There are many different sleep remedies available, but some are more effective than others. The good news is that CBD seems to be one of the more effective sleep aids available today.

Scientists have studied CBD for sleep, and early research has found it to help combat the symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorders. One reason CBD may be so effective in promoting sleep is the fact that it does so in several different ways.

How CBD Helps You Sleep

The first way CBD promotes sleep is by directly interacting with your nervous system. It binds to certain receptors that trigger the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you feel relaxed and at-ease. With your serotonin levels elevated, you have an easier time drifting off into dreamland.

CBD also helps promote sleep by reducing anxiety. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, there may be evenings  when you feel anxious or on-edge. CBD can help lower your anxiety levels, especially when you use it consistently, night after night. As your anxiety levels come down, you’ll find that you’re able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

CBD also promotes sleep by easing pain. Chronic pain from arthritis, back pain, and muscle aches can all make it hard to find a comfortable position and drift off to sleep. CBD eases inflammation and pain so you can get better rest.

Choosing CBD Oils for Sleep

While most CBD products will give you some sense of relaxation, there are specialized CBD products that are specifically made to promote sleep. If you’re primarily taking CBD oil for sleep, you want to look for one of these specialized products. 

Here are some key features to look for in a good CBD sleep product.

  • Strong formula: A 1000 mg or even 2000 mg formula suits most customers well. You often need a larger dose of CBD when using it for sleep versus general stress relief.
  • Full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum CBD: Full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD products contain other natural chemicals from the hemp that enhance the sleep-promoting benefits of CBD.
  • CBN: This cannabinoid interacts with CBD via the entourage effect and will make you even more sleepy. Ideally, you want to see a 3:1 ratio of CBD:CBN.
  • Melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone your body produces to regulate your sleep cycle. Many CBD sleep products contain a little melatonin for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Chamomile: This natural herb helps you de-stress and relax. Some people prefer CBD oils that contain chamomile.
  • Valerian Root: This is another sleep-promoting herb found in some of the best CBD for sleep.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take for Sleep?

If you look at the back of the bottle of your CBD oil for sleep, you will probably see some dosing instructions. However, those dosing instructions tend to be vague, and for good reasons.

Everyone responds to CBD a little differently and requires a different dose. As such, figuring out how much CBD you need for sleep is a bit of a process. Overall, you want to start with a low dose and work your way up, a little at a time, until you find the perfect amount of CBD that helps you sleep without making you feel groggy the next day.

There are, however, some general dosing guidelines for how much CBD to take that you can depend on. Most experts agree that the ideal dose of CBD for sleep is between 1 and 6 mg CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. This is a big range. It means that someone who weighs 100 pounds may need anywhere from 10 mg to 60 mg of CBD before bedtime. You can start at the bottom of that range and work your way up. Some people like to increase their CBD oil dose by 5 mg at a time. If you suspect you’re someone who needs a larger dose, you may increase your dose by 10 mg at a time.

Check the strength of the CBD oil for sleep you’re using to make sure you’re taking the correct amount, too. For instance, if you have a 1000 mg CBD oil in a 30 mL bottle, then every mL of that oil contains approximately 33 mg CBD. If you instead have a 2000 mg CBD oil, then every mL of oil will contain 67 mg CBD.

If you’re someone who needs more CBD oil for sleep, you may find you’re taking several droppers of oil. Switching to a more potent oil will allow you to take a smaller volume of oil, which is usually easier to swallow.

The same basic dosing instructions apply if you’re using CBD gummies or capsules. Choose low-dose capsules so you can adjust your dose more easily. If using gummies, don’t hesitate to divide a gummy in half, if needed, to arrive at your perfect dose.

Keep in mind that you may need less CBD when taking a full-spectrum CBD product than when taking one made with pure CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids and compounds that interact with the CBD and make it more effective.

How to Take CBD for Sleep

Most CBD products come with dosing instructions on the label. However, since these dosing instructions are usually brief, we thought we’d help out and offer a few more details.

Taking CBD Oil for Sleep

When taking CBD oil for sleep, use a dropper or small syringe to place the CBD oil beneath your tongue. This may seem strange at first, but it’s the best way to allow your CBD to kick in quickly. The skin beneath your tongue is very thin, and there are a lot of capillaries near the surface. CBD oil penetrates the thin skin, enters these capillaries, and then travels through your circulatory system to reach various cannabinoid receptors. Take CBD oils in this way, and you’ll feel more relaxed within minutes. This dosing method is known as “sublingual dosing.”

How long do you have to hold the CBD oil for sleep under your tongue before swallowing? A minute will do. If you can’t manage that long, 30 seconds is better than nothing. 

Taking CBD Gummies for Sleep

Taking CBD gummies for better sleep is even easier than taking CBD oil. Simply chew up the gummies as you would any gummy candy. Do make sure you chew them thoroughly, as this will allow some of the CBD to be absorbed into the blood vessels in your mouth before you swallow.

After taking the CBD gummies, make sure you brush your teeth. Most CBD gummies contain sugar or corn syrup, which you don’t want sitting on your teeth all night. 

Taking CBD Capsules for Sleep

To take CBD capsules, simply swallow the capsules or capsule with a glass of water. Some people find the capsules make their breath taste like hemp afterwards. If you have this problem, try eating a small snack, such as a couple of crackers, with the capsules.

General Guidelines and Advice

When taking CBD for sleep, remember that CBD does not kick in right away. If you’re using gummies or capsules, take them about an hour before bedtime so the CBD has plenty of time to work. If you’re taking CBD for sleep oil sublingually, it will kick in faster. Try taking it about 30 minutes before bed.

Note that the best CBD oil products for better sleep do tend to work best when combined with good sleep hygiene. If you’re not already doing the following, consider making some changes to your bedtime routine and habits:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Dim your lights before bed to boost natural melatonin production.
  • Take a 30-60 minute break from screens and electronics before bed.
  • Focus on deep breathing to relax your body and mind as you lie in bed.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption, especially in the evening.
  • Don’t drink or eat anything containing caffeine in the afternoon.

The effects of CBD for sleep tend to build. In other words, if you use CBD consistently night after night, your sleep quality will improve over time. Implementing good sleep hygiene practices will enhance these effects.

Possible Side Effects of CBD for Sleep

One reason why CBD is such a great natural sleep aid is its relative lack of side effects. Unlike many other sleep aids, it is not addictive and won’t cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it. However, some people do experience the following minor side effects when using CBD oil for sleep.

Dry Mouth

CBD interacts with your salivary glands, and sometimes it makes them less productive. You may not notice this if you only take CBD oil for sleep in the evening. However, some people do wake up thirsty after taking CBD because of the dry mouth it causes.

If this is becoming a problem with you, ask your doctor about mouth rinses to increase saliva production. Using one before bedtime may help counteract the effects of CBD and ward off dry mouth. You may also want to try reducing your dose a little. Taking less CBD may allow you to enjoy the sleep-promoting benefits without the dry mouth as a side effect.

If you’re taking full-spectrum CBD, try switching to a pure CBD product. The terpenes in full-spectrum CBD cause dry mouth in some people.

Morning Grogginess

CBD does not usually cause morning grogginess. However, many CBD oil for sleep products are formulated with melatonin, which can cause you to feel groggy the next day, particularly if you take too much. 

If you’re feeling groggy in the morning after taking CBD, try switching to a product that does not contain melatonin. You might also want to try taking your CBD oil a little earlier. For instance, if you’re taking it a half hour before bed right now, try taking it 90 minutes before bed instead. Also, moving away from a full-spectrum CBD product to a pure CBD product may help in some cases.


Do you ever feel nauseous after taking your CBD? This is most common with CBD oils and happens less often with gummies and other products. So, the first option for combating nausea is switching from CBD oils to gummies.

You may also want to try taking your CBD with a snack. Something high in fat, like a piece of cheese, will help your body absorb the CBD more effectively while also settling your stomach.

If you lay down right after taking CBD oil for sleep, that could be why you’re feeling nauseous. Instead, try sitting up in bed for a few minutes after taking your CBD product. 


What is full-spectrum CBD oil?

When reading product descriptions, you may see that a lot of CBD oil for sleep contains full-spectrum CBD oil. This is simply hemp oil that has not had anything removed from it. Yes, it contains CBD as the primary active ingredient. But it also contains any other cannabinoids that hemp happened to produce. Different strains of hemp produce different cannabinoids. When formulating CBD oil for sleep, companies use hemp strains that provide relaxing cannabinoids, such as CBN. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains these cannabinoids.

Full-spectrum CBD oil also contains terpenes, which are the compounds that give hemp its characteristic scent. Some of these terpenes, such as linalool and myrcene, have sleep-enhancing properties.

You may see some CBD oils for sleep made with broad-spectrum CBD oil. This is similar to full-spectrum oil, but broad-spectrum CBD oil has had any traces of THC removed from it. 

What is CBN?

CBN stands for cannabinol. This is another compound, similar to CBD, that hemp plants make in their flowers. You’ll see CBN in a lot of CBD oil products made for sleep and relaxation. That’s because CBN is very relaxing — sometimes even more so than CBD.

CBN is also really effective at relieving muscle pain. So, if muscle soreness is what keeps you up at night, you definitely want to look for a CBD formula containing CBN.

Can you take CBD before a nap?

Yes, you can take CBD oil before a nap. It will help you relax and fall asleep with ease. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if using CBD to help you nap.

  • Avoid CBD products containing melatonin, which will leave you groggy after a short nap.
  • Take the CBD about an hour before you plan on napping so it has time to kick in.
  • Consider using a smaller dose than you’d use before bedtime since you won’t be sleeping as long.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in the United States. The Farm Bill, passed in 2018, clarified the legality of growing hemp and using it for CBD production. Since then, CBD has become quite popular, not only as a sleep aid, but also as a remedy for pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD, and seizure disorders.

There are some regulations that growers and producers must adhere to in order to produce CBD legally. All CBD has to be derived from hemp plants containing <0.3% THC. This tiny amount of THC is not enough to make you feel high. CBD producers lab-test their products to ensure they are in compliance with this requirement.

Can you become addicted to CBD?

So many sleep aids come with a risk of addiction or dependency, but luckily, CBD does not. Sometimes people assume CBD is addictive because marijuana has the potential to be addictive. However, it is the THC in marijauna that comes with a risk of dependence. CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive, and you can’t become addicted to it.

Most people actually find that the longer they take CBD for sleep, the more effective it becomes. Once you’ve established a better sleep routine with the help of CBD, you may be able to take a smaller dose or stop using it altogether. If you do stop taking your CBD for a night or two, you won’t have any withdrawal symptoms.

What is CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is just pure CBD; it doesn’t contain any other cannabinoids or terpenes. Some CBD sleep products are made with CBD isolate. If you need to avoid other cannabinoids or terpenes — maybe because they make you feel overly tired or groggy — then a CBD isolate product may be a good choice. You can find CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, and even capsules made with pure CBD. Some customers prefer these products simply because they taste less like hemp.

Is hemp seed oil the same thing as CBD oil?

Both hemp seed oil and CBD oil come from hemp, but they are very different products. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of hemp. It’s really high in unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for your general health, but it does not contain CBD. The hemp plant only makes CBD in its flowers, which is why CBD oil is pressed from the flower of the plant. 

You will see some CBD oils that contain hemp seed oil as a carrier oil or base oil. The CBD itself still comes from the hemp flowers.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle with insomnia, restless legs syndrome, or another sleep disorder, it’s worth giving CBD a try. CBD oils also work well for people who occasionally struggle with sleep due to everyday stress, muscle soreness, or anxiety. 

While a lot of sleep aids are habit-forming, CBD is not. It’s a very safe, natural remedy with few side effects, and it comes in a variety of forms. Start by browsing the best CBD oils for sleep as recommended above, and go from there. Once you find your perfect dose, sleep is just a dropper away.