7 Best CBD Oils for Anxiety in 2022 – Relax & Unwind With Natural Anxiety Remedies


CBD has a lot of benefits, but one of its most beneficial uses is in the treatment of anxiety. Many people find that CBD oil helps them feel less anxious and worried throughout the day. Researchers have studied the effects of CBD oil on anxiety disorders including social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even PTSD — and the results have been positive. CBD can truly help you remain calm and at-ease, but if you’re thinking about using CBD oil to ease anxiety symptoms, it’s important to choose a good-quality, lab-tested product.

There are many different CBD brands to choose from. CBD oil also comes in a seemingly endless number of flavors, strengths, and formulas. To help you make a wise choice, we reviewed the most popular CBD oils and compiled this list of the best CBD oil for anxiety options. Shop these best CBD oils with confidence, then kick back and let your CBD do the work.

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

  1. CBDfx: Best Overall CBD Oil
  2. CBDistillery: Great for Beginners
  3. REM by Secret Nature: Best Full-Spectrum Option
  4. Green Roads: Awesome Flavors
  5. CBD American Shaman: Best Water-Soluble Option
  6. Aspen Green: Very Potent
  7. Bloom Hemp: Good for Evening Use

Reviews of Our Picks for Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

One of the unique things about CBD oil is that everyone responds to it a bit differently. You might need more or less CBD than a friend who struggles with the same anxiety symptoms. Similarly, you might prefer a full-spectrum CBD oil, while someone else finds that a CBD isolate product is better at helping their generalized anxiety disorder. Because there’s so much variety in CBD preferences, we thought it best to name a variety of best CBD oil for anxiety options that are potent, consistent, affordable, and effective.

1. CBDfx: Best Overall CBD Oil

We chose CBDfx as our top pick because the brand offers such a great variety of products for those with anxiety disorders. Their Calming Tincture is a favorite among those who often feel stressed and anxious. It contains a blend of full-spectrum CBD plus CBN, another cannabinoid known for its calming properties. Another customer favorite is CBDfx’s broad-spectrum CBD formula called Unwind Mushroom, which also includes CBN. This broad-spectrum CBD oil is formulated with maitake, turkey tail, and reishi mushrooms, along with antioxidant-rich elderberry for stress relief and overall improved wellness.

Most CBDfx CBD oils come in multiple strengths, so you can choose the strength that best suits your needs, including a high potency 6000mg strength. These CBD oils for anxiety are also medically reviewed, and CBDfx goes out of their way to source organic, non-GMO ingredients. The company even offers full-spectrum oils with delta 9 THC for easy daily microdosing.


  • Good selection of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options
  • Lab-tested for purity and potency
  • Made with organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • Specialty oils with therapeutic herbs and mushrooms
  • Multiple strengths available
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee


  • No traditional flavored CBD oils available

Reviewer Opinions

Reviewers find that CBDfx Calming Tincture chills them out just enough to get through the day without feeling overly tired. Some customers who struggle with OCD find that it helps minimize their symptoms. It’s also praised by customers with social anxiety who say it helps them feel more comfortable at work and in social settings. Customers have similarly positive things to say about other CBDfx CBD products, including their very popular line of CBD gummies.

CBDfx is a California-based company and a member of the U.S Hemp Roundtable and National Hemp Association. 

Learn more at CBDfx.com

2. CBDistillery: Great for Beginners

Those who are new to CBD often prefer less-potent products, which are not always easy to find. CBDistillery offers some less potent CBD oil tinctures that are still incredibly effective, which is why we chose them as the Best for Beginners. Most of CBDistillery’s CBD products come in a variety of strengths, starting at 500 mg — a great potency for beginners.

The best CBDistillery CBD oil for anxiety is their Relief + Relax full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s made with U.S. Hemp Authority Certified, non-GMO hemp cannabis plant crops. It’s high in terpenes, but the hemp taste is not overwhelming. Customers can choose between 500 mg, 1000 mg, 2500 mg, and 5000 mg formulas. 

For nighttime anxiety, try CBDistillery’s Sleep Synergy. Formulated with full-spectrum CBD plus CBN, this one will help you set your worries aside and drift into a comfortable slumber.


  • Multiple strengths, including a 500 mg option
  • Several flavored CBD oils available
  • Formulas with CBN, CBDa, and other cannabinoids
  • Lab-tested for purity and potency
  • Certified Cruelty-free


  • CBN may make some people drowsy

Reviewer Opinions

We saw a lot of positive reviews from those who chose CBDistillery products for their first CBD experience. Most reviewers were pleased with how relaxed the oil made them feel. Some reviewers like to use these CBD oils for anxiety daily to keep stress under control. Others only use them before a particularly anxiety-inducing situation. Customers enjoy the flavors of the Mango and Ginger-peach flavored oils.

CBDistillery opened in 2016 and quickly made a name for themselves in the hemp industry. They’ve since had more than 2 million satisfied customers. 

Learn more at CBDistillery.com

3. REM by Secret Nature:: Best Full-Spectrum Option

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains not just CBD, but also any other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis hemp plant. These other compounds can make the CBD more effective at relieving anxiety and depression symptoms. Secret Nature makes an incredible full-spectrum CBD oil that absolutely deserves a spot on this list. Their Hemp Flower Drops are 100% organic, high in beneficial cannabis terpenes, and highly bioavailable to the body. 

Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops are formulated with shilajit black seed oil, and mistletoe, all of which have incredible benefits on their own, but work synergistically when combined with CBD to provide a more powerful healing effect. When you’re starting to feel anxious or have pain, this oil can re-balance your mood and ease nervous tension very quickly. Choose between organic Mint and Raw flavors.


  • Made with 100% organic ingredients
  • Formulated for fast and complete absorption
  • High in beneficial cannabis terpenes
  • Combined with ancient herbs and oils to increase benefits & effects


  • Limited flavor options

Reviewer Opinions

Reviewers say Secret Nature CBD oils have a pleasant taste and work quickly. Most find that the oil makes them feel uplifted and vibrant. In addition to managing stress and anxiety, Secret Nature Organic Hemp Flower Drops are also good at relieving pain and inflammation, such as that caused by arthritis.

Secret Nature is a small, artisanal, Oregon-based hemp company that grows 100% organic hemp in an indoor climate controlled garden.

Learn more at SecretNatureCBD.com

4. Green Roads: Awesome Flavors

Flavored CBD products are often easier to take when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. Several of the brands featured here sell flavored CBD oil, but we really feel the best flavors come from Green Roads. Customers love their Apple Kiwi Bliss broad-spectrum CBD oil. The flavor masks the hemp aftertaste so well. Green Roads Mint Breeze broad-spectrum CBD oil is also beloved for its flavor.

Taste is not the only thing Green Roads CBD products have going for them, either. All Green Roads oils are formulated by pharmacists and lab-tested for purity and potency. They come in three strengths: 300 mg, 750 mg, and 500 mg. Most of Green Roads’ CBD oils are broad-spectrum products, but they do offer some full-spectrum CBD oils, too. 


  • Vegan and gluten-free formulas
  • Formulated by pharmacists
  • Multiple strengths available
  • Several delicious flavors
  • No artificial colors or preservatives


  • Bottles may be tough to open with arthritic hands

Reviewer Opinions

Green Roads’ CBD products are popular with those who have anxiety disorders. Reviewers say the Mint Breeze broad-spectrum CBD oil, in particular, helps calm racing thoughts and ease physical anxiety symptoms like an elevated heart rate. Customers also love Green Roads Sweet Sleep Oil for use before bed. They find it counteracts insomnia and prevents stress dreams.

Green Roads is a pharmacist-founded CBD company that focuses on creating unique, effective CBD products. 

Learn more at GreenRoads.com

5. CBD American Shaman: Best Water-Soluble Option

If you prefer to mix your CBD oil for anxiety into your morning tea or orange juice, then a water-soluble CBD oil will work well. The best one we found is made by CBD American Shaman. This Water Soluble Hemp Oil Extract comes in Grape, Hemp, Cherry Limeade, Pina Colada, and Lemon flavors. Each one is delicious in its own way, and they all dissolve well in your favorite drink.

CBD American Shaman Water Soluble Hemp Oil Extract contains 300 mg CBD per bottle. The oil is specially formulated to be more bioavailable than the average CBD oil, which means you need a smaller dose. The full-spectrum formula contains CBG, CBDa, and CBGa, all of which work synergistically with CBD for daytime anxiety relief.


  • Five delicious flavor options
  • Dissolves well in water and other liquids
  • Full-spectrum formula with CBDa and CBG
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee
  • Created with nano technology for enhanced absorption


  • Flavors are quite sweet

Reviewer Opinions

Reviewers say this high-quality CBD oil goes to work quickly, relieving anxiety symptoms like racing thoughts and sweaty palms. Most say one dose lasts them all day, but some take a second dose in the afternoon. Customers enjoy being able to stir this full-spectrum CBD into their morning beverage and sip it on the way to work.

CBD American Shaman is an artisan company that sources their hemp from organic farms. They adhere to U.S. Hemp Authority practices. 

Learn more at CBDAmericanShaman.com

6. Aspen Green: Very Potent

Often the most serious anxiety symptoms demand a higher dose of CBD. This is easier to achieve with a more potent oil, such as Aspen Green CBD Oil. Aspen Green sells their full-spectrum CBD oil in a 3000 mg formula, which is perfect for customers with PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Their 2000 mg and 1000 mg formulas are also top-quality.

Aspen Green’s full-spectrum CBD Oil is USDA organic and made from Colorado-grown hemp cannabis plant crops. The company extracts the CBD from the hemp with CO2 extraction, which results in a very pure product. These CBD products are all tested in a third-party lab. Choose from original, citrus, and mint flavors.


  • Made from USDA Organic, Colorado-grown hemp
  • Potent 3000 mg, 2000 mg, and 1000 mg formulas
  • Three flavor options
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Created with CO2 extraction


  • May be too strong for new CBD users

Reviewer Opinions

We saw a lot of reviews from customers who switched to Aspen Green after finding they needed a more potent CBD oil. Reviewers find this oil very relaxing. Some find it helps prevent panic attacks. Others take it for spiraling thoughts or to enhance their focus. 

Aspen Green is a CBD company that creates science-backed products. They craft their CBD oils in an FDA-registered facility. 

Learn more at AspenGreen.com

7. Bloom Hemp: Good for Evening Use

Does your anxiety get worse in the evening? If so, we recommend trying Bloom Essential Calming Tincture. This full-spectrum CBD product is made specifically to calm your mind and help you sleep. Not only does it contain CBD, but also California poppies, lavender, and lemon balm — all of which are known for their relaxing properties.

Bloom Essential Calming Tincture contains 1200 mg CBD and 100 mg CBN per bottle. It has a potent hemp taste because it contains the terpenes linalool, myrcene, and caryophyllene. This oil is doctor-formulated and backed by a money-back guarantee. The cold-pressed hemp seed oil that forms the product’s base is rich in iron, vitamin C, magnesium, and other beneficial nutrients.


  • Full-spectrum formula with CBN and terpenes
  • Formulated with lemon balm, lavender, and poppies
  • Contains hemp seed oil as the primary carrier oil
  • Doctor-formulated


  • Strong hemp flavor

Reviewer Opinions

We saw a lot of reviews from customers who struggle with insomnia and anxiety. They all said this oil helps them fall asleep sooner and stay asleep all night long. Customers with a history of stress dreams often find this CBD oil helps prevent such dreams. Bloom Essential Calming Tincture is also popular with those who struggle with PTSD.

Bloom Hemp is a Denver-based hemp company that aims to create and distribute their CBD products in an eco-friendly way. They go above and beyond to educate their customers and sell useful, potent products. 

Learn more at BloomHemp.com

How We Chose Our Best CBD Oil for Anxiety Options

When we first started reviewing CBD oil for anxiety, we were astounded by how many excellent products we discovered. To ensure we chose the best CBD oil for anxiety products to feature here, we developed a 5-part system for ranking and reviewing CBD oil brands and their products. Here are the five key things we considered as we sampled and researched each contender.

Stage 1: Lab Testing

If there is one thing that sets good CBD companies apart, it is lab testing their products. The good CBD companies don’t do this testing in-house, either. They send their CBD products to a third-party, unbiased lab, where the oils are assessed for their content. If a CBD oil is third-party lab tested, you know it contains as much CBD and other ingredients as the bottle claims. That’s so important, not only to ensure that you get what you pay for, but also to ensure accurate dosing.

Stage 2: Hemp Sourcing

We also paid close attention to where and how the companies on this list sourced their hemp cannabis plant crops. Most companies featured here use USDA organic or at least naturally grown hemp. Some even go above and beyond, working with artisanal hemp cannabis plant growers to grow the most terpene-rich, potent hemp possible.

Stage 3: Informed Formulization

Another common theme among our choices for best CBD oil for anxiety products is the way the company goes about formulating their products. These companies consult with experts — some pharmacists, and others physicians — to ensure their formulas are as healthy and beneficial as possible. We really loved to see the best CBD oils with other beneficial herbs, such as chamomile and lemon balm. These products allow customers to enjoy multiple remedies in one, which is so incredible when dealing with complex anxiety symptoms.

Stage 4: Clarity in Labeling and Marketing

When you’re struggling with anxiety, the last thing you want is to spend 30 minute decoding a complicated or vague CBD oil label. So, we chose companies that are clear and detailed in their labeling of CBD products. With any of these products, you should be able to read the label and understand exactly what you’re about to take.

Stage 5: Reviewer Opinions

While we tried these products and formed our own opinions, we did also consider the opinions of others. Specifically, we sought out reviews from customers with anxiety disorders and read what they had to say about these oils’ effectiveness, potency, flavor, and more.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

When choosing the best CBD oil for anxiety, we’d recommend considering the same features we considered when compiling this list. Look for a product that has been lab-tested. Also check where the company sources their hemp, how the CBD oil is formulated, and how clear the labeling is. Read some reviews, both on the company’s website and on third-party sites, to see what other reviewers have to say.

Here are a few other things to consider when deciding which oil is best for your particular needs.

Other Cannabinoids and Terpenes

CBD is awesome for calming anxiety, but so are some other terpenes and cannabinoids found naturally in hemp. If you’re looking for enhanced anxiety relief or some more specialized benefits, you may want to buy CBD oil with some of these other compounds.

CBN is another cannabinoid that’s great for sleep. If your anxiety bothers you most in the evening, a CBN-enriched CBD oil may be a good choice. 

The best terpenes for anxiety include limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene. Limonene is a good choice if you’re always feeling stressed out. Beta-caryophyllene can help calm your mind overall, and alpha-pinene helps improve your memory, which can be really beneficial for anxiety sufferers.

Additional Herbs and Extracts

Some CBD oil designed to help with anxiety is formulated with other herbs and ingredients that help calm the mind and body. If you received some relief from pure CBD but want more, then look for one of these oils.

Lemon balm is a common ingredient in anti-anxiety CBD products. It promotes relaxation and can also improve your appetite — something you may need when feeling anxious. 

If you take CBD oil for evening anxiety, look for a formula that contains chamomile. People have long enjoyed chamomile tea for its sleep-inducing qualities. A CBD oil with chamomile lets you enjoy both remedies in one product.

Potency or Strength

You’ll see CBD oils labeled as “500 mg” or “1000 mg”. These numbers refer to the number of mg of CBD per bottle. The more CBD the bottle contains, the stronger it is.

If you are new to CBD, you’ll generally want a less-potent product. A 300 mg or 500 mg CBD oil should be sufficient. On the other hand, someone who has used CBD for a while or who suffers from more serious anxiety may want a stronger product, such as a 2000 mg CBD tincture.

Keep in mind: you can adjust your dose with any CBD oil. You can always take a few more drops of a less-potent oil or a little less of a very strong oil.


Many of the strongest broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils come in a natural hemp flavor. This may take you a few days to get used to, but most people are not bothered by the taste. Hemp tastes herbal and a bit floral.

If you don’t like the flavor of natural hemp, then look for a flavored CBD oil. Many of the best CBD oil for anxiety products come in mint, citrus, and fruit flavors. These flavored oils are great for beginner CBD users, too.

Benefits of CBD Oils for People With Anxiety 

If you’re treating anxiety or depression with the help of a doctor or psychiatrist, always check with them before adding CBD to your routine. CBD is safe and beneficial in most cases, but it’s always wise to let your doctor weigh in on your unique needs. 

Here are some benefits of treating anxiety symptoms with the help of CBD.

Flexible Dosing

It’s easy to adjust your dose of CBD to meet your needs. On days when your anxiety symptoms are worse, you can take a little more CBD. On days when you’re not feeling anxious or won’t encounter any anxiety-inducing situations, you can take less.

Since CBD is non-addictive, you don’t have to take it every day if that does not suit you. Some anxiety patients only take it as needed. If you only think you need a dose before public speaking events, that’s perfectly fine. On the other hand, if you want to take it twice a day for several years, you can do that, too.

Great Product Variety

We really love the CBD oil brands we featured above, but we’ll be the first to admit there are other good products out there, too. You can try various CBD products until you find one that effectively reduces your anxiety symptoms. Try full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oil, formulas with CBN, formulas with chamomile — the possibilities are endless.


Some prescription anxiety meds are psychoactive and may make it unsafe for you to operate machinery.  CBD, however, is non-psychoactive. While it will relax your mind, it will not make you feel high or unlike yourself. You can use it before work, before driving, and basically anywhere with no worry of addiction.

Good for Daytime and Evening Use

Some anxiety remedies amp you up. Others make you drowsy. CBD can be both — or neither. There are full or broad-spectrum high-CBN formulas that will make you feel nice and sleepy before bed, but there are also full or broad-spectrum high-CBG formulas that are good for daytime use. No matter what time of day you use CBD to ease anxiety symptoms, you can find a product to suit your needs.

How to Use CBD Oil

If you want fast relief, the best way to take CBD oil for anxiety disorders is sublingually — under your tongue. Use the dropper or syringe to place the oil beneath your tongue. Gently rest your tongue over the oil for a minute before swallowing. This will allow the CBD to enter the small blood vessels near the surface of the skin under your tongue. You should start to feel more relaxed within minutes, and the effects will grow stronger in the coming hour.

If you’re not in a rush, you can simply swallow the CBD without holding it under your tongue. When taken in this way, it takes about an hour to start working.

How much CBD oil should you take? Well, that depends on a few factors. People who are heavier, have more serious anxiety, or take CBD regularly often need a larger dose. People who are smaller, take CBD on occasion, and only have mild anxiety often need a smaller dose. Most people do best when starting with a dose around 10 to 20 mg. If you don’t get the relief you desire, increase your dose by 5 mg at a time until you’re happy with the results. 

You don’t have to always take the same dose of CBD, either. Many people with anxiety disorders take a larger dose on days when they feel particularly symptomatic. 

How Often Should You Take CBD Oil to Ease Anxiety Symptoms?

When using CBD for generalized anxiety or other anxiety disorders, you can take it either once or twice a day. The best approach really depends on the symptoms you’re trying to control.

If you suffer from social anxiety and most of your symptoms arise during the day when you’re at work or school, you may only need to take CBD oil in the morning. On the other hand, if a primary effect of your anxiety is insomnia, you will want to take CBD at night. Many people with generalized anxiety find that taking a dose in the morning and another at night helps keep their background level of anxiety lower.

Feel free to experiment with different dosing schedules, and see what works best for you. Consider keeping a journal to track how you feel when taking pure CBD oil once a day versus twice a day.

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oils

When someone has side effects to CBD, it is often because the CBD is interacting negatively with other medications. CBD does not always combine well with other medications such as anti-nausea medication, blood thinners,  and anti seizure medications. If you take any over-the-counter medications or prescriptions, talk to your doctor before taking CBD oil.

If you’re not taking other medications, side effects are not a major concern with CBD. Most people don’t notice any side effects at all. If you do notice side effects, the most common ones are dry mouth, fatigue, and nausea. All three can be reduced if you reduce your dose of CBD. 

If you’re really struggling with dry mouth, try chewing sugar-free gum. It can enhance saliva production, negating the saliva-reduction effects of CBD. If your main concern is nausea, then taking your CBD with a snack should help.


What is CBD isolate?

If you see a CBD product made with CBD isolate, that means the product is made only with pure CBD. It does not contain other hemp products like CBN or terpenes like full-spectrum or broad-spectrum oil does. There are several reasons why someone might prefer a CBD isolate product. An isolate CBD product will tend to have milder effects, which is good for new CBD users and those with mild anxiety. CBD isolate is also free from any traces of THC, which you may prefer if you undergo regular drug tests.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, CBD is legal in the United States. In 2018, the nation passed the Farm Bill, which essentially made it legal to grow hemp, extract CBD from the hemp, and sell and buy CBD products. CBD is also legal in all 50 U.S. states.

Will CBD make you high?

No, CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. It can do wonders to calm down your mind, but it won’t distort your thoughts, make you hallucinate, or impair your ability to operate your machinery.

Some CBD oil made from full-spectrum hemp extract does contain traces of THC. However, the law in the United States specifies that CBD oil must contain <0.3% THC to be sold legally. This is not enough THC to make you feel high, though it may be enough to enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD. Reputable CBD companies lab-test their products to ensure they contain a legally compliant amount of THC.

Is vaping CBD oil a good method for treating anxiety?

Vaping CBD can be a good way to treat anxiety. However, you cannot vape CBD oil that is formulated for oral use. These oils won’t vaporize properly in a vape pen, and they may even cause damage to your respiratory tract if you inhale them. 

If you want to vape CBD, then look for CBD products made specifically for vaping. These products are sometimes labeled “CBD vape juice” or “CBD vape liquid”. There are ones made with CBD isolate, and others made with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. Vaping CBD isolate is often a good place to start, although the other cannabinoids in full-spectrum products can have anxiety-reducing benefits when inhaled.

One benefit of vaping is how quickly it kicks in. You’ll feel the effects within minutes, which can be really helpful when you feel an anxiety attack coming on.

Concluding Thoughts

Managing generalized anxiety or another anxiety disorder can be tough. Whether your symptoms appear daily or on occasion, you deserve to have a safe, effective way to control them. High-quality CBD oils that help ease anxiety symptoms are a wise choice for many who deal with anxiety and depression. Look over our best CBD oil for anxiety products above, and find the one that best suits your needs. Whether you prefer CBD isolate, a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD product, or CBD oil that tastes like lemonade, this list has something for you.