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New York Times Brussels sprouts slider recipe inspires internet outrage

The New York Times has done it again: inspired internet outrage over a recipe many Americans wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

In a misstep that echoes the 2015 brouhaha over a Times tweet endorsing guacamole with peas, the newspaper announced on Twitter earlier this week that it had discovered “your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer”: Brussels sprouts sliders.

The recipe, originally posted online at least two years ago, calls for roasted Brussels sprouts as tiny buns for tempeh patties topped with caramelized onions. That combo makes for “dreamy bites of pure umami goodness," according to creator Marla Rose of Berwyn, Illinois.

The internet, however, emphatically disagrees. The Times’ endorsement hasn’t driven indignation levels to their 2015 peak — when then-President Barack Obama tweeted that he would respectfully keep peas out of his classic guac — but it’s inspired some pretty spirited reactions.

Check out a few must-read (or see) burns below:

The New York Times says you should use
The New York Times says you should use roasted Brussels sprouts (pictured) as buns for tempeh sliders.

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